Vendor Details
    Company: RightScale
    Website: www.rightscale.com
    Management: Michael Crandell, Founder & CEO
    Headquarters: Santa Barbara, CA
    Tel: 805-500-4164
    Email: sales@rightscale.com

    About the Company:

    RightScale Universal Cloud Management enables leading enterprises to accelerate delivery of cloud-based applications that engage customers and drive top-line revenue while optimizing cloud usage to reduce risk and costs. With RightScale, IT organizations can deliver instant access to a portfolio of public, private, and hybrid cloud services across business units and development teams while maintaining enterprise control.

    Product / Service Highlights:

    Enable Ops teams to see and manage applications across all clouds and servers.

    See everything you have

    Single console across resource pools public and private clouds, virtual and bare-metal servers in one consolidated view.

    Discover cloud resources: Let RightScale find and manage workloads that are already running.

    Tagging that spans clouds: Universal tags that keep you organized and sync with native cloud tags.

    Always stay up and running

    Monitor workloads: Watch all your cloud applications from one place

    Alerts and escalations: Define notification policies and automated recovery actions.

    Deliver SLAs: Architect for availability and implement disaster recovery.

    Make life a little less repetitive

    Auto-scaling: Ensure applications respond to any load without over-provisioning.

    Scripting and patching: Keep your workloads up-to-date and respond to operational changes.

    Single API across clouds: Automate your cloud infrastructure from any tool or command line.
    Get more comfortable with cloud

    Multi-cloud access controls: Centralize user permissions and connect to your existing directory services.

    Asset management and versioning: Standardize configurations and track changes over time.

    Audit trails: Track who made changes and when across all your clouds.

    For more information please visit www.rightscale.com