Phoenix NAP

    Vendor Details
    Company: Phoenix NAP
    Management: Ian McClarty, President
    Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
    Tel: 480-646-5362

    About the Company:

    Founded in 2009, phoenixNAP’s mission has always been to provide outstanding value and service, using state-of-the-art technology, while continually improving our technical and human assets. It is through these methods that we are able to maintain an incredibly customer responsive experience that puts their needs first. We remove the stress from IT management, so our customers can focus on their core business.

    Product / Service Highlights:

    PhoenixNAP offers a range of cloud products designed to add agility, flexibility, and scalability to your business. From our highly competitive, on-demand public cloud to the most complex, single tenant private cloud solutions, phoenixNAP has you covered.


    • Agility – to help drive your IT and business performance
    • Flexibility – mix and match any of our cloud services
    • Scalability – rapidly build and scale compute and storage

    On-Demand Public Cloud

    Our global public cloud offers on-demand, no contract compute and storage resources. PhoenixNAP Public Cloud puts you in control of your virtual machines (VMs), while offering the most competitive public cloud pricing on the market today.

    Virtual Private Data Center

    PhoenixNAP Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) is a VMware vCloud® based, multi-tenant cloud service. We have carefully integrated industry leading infrastructure products to deliver a secure pool of resources; controlled and provisioned on-demand.

    VPDC gives you total command over your high performance compute, storage, and networking resources. VPDC is designed to rapidly extend current IT environments without high costs or lengthy timelines.

    Managed Private Cloud

    Our Managed Private Cloud (MPC) is a completely dedicated infrastructure, built to offer the most flexible and cost effective single tenant cloud service possible.

    We work with each client to design and build-to-spec a next generation stack of virtual infrastructure. PhoenixNAP takes the burden of acquiring, maintaining and managing your infrastructure, leaving you time to focus on your business.

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