SALT LAKE CITY – March 21, 2017 – inContact, Inc., a NICE company (NASDAQ: NICE), the leading provider of cloud contact center software unifying omnichannel routing, workforce optimization and analytics, today announced international global education institution is modernizing its contact center by abandoning its outdated, on-premises system for the inContact Customer Interaction Cloud. The company is moving more than 1,400 agents worldwide to the flexibility, reliability and scalability of the inContact cloud solution.

inContact’s new customer selected the Customer Interaction Cloud to replace their inflexible  on-premises system which severely limited the company’s ability to provide multichannel customer support to their growing student population. Utilizing inContact’s complete omnichannel solution and skills-based interaction routing will help to increase first call resolution as students are directly routed to the proper agent based on their question or problem. The addition of email, chat, text and social media channels, integrated into one system, allow the institution to offer blended agents able to communicate via the student’s preferred method.

“Education institutions are recognizing the need to serve their students much in the same way that consumer-focused companies cater to their customers and earn their business,” said Paul Jarman, CEO at inContact. “Replacing expensive and inflexible on-premises systems with efficient cloud solutions are helping these organizations improve student relations by providing an outstanding customer experience.”

inContact will support their new customer’s need for greater efficiency by incorporating inContact Agent for Salesforce to their existing Salesforce CRM implementation which displays student information on-demand to agents through a single interface. This seamless integration helps improve key customer service performance metrics by reducing average handle time and empowering agents with the tools and information needed to quickly identify the student and address their issue immediately.

For outbound channel needs, inContact’s new customer selected the award-winning Personal Connection dialer, featuring patented technology which eliminates the awkward pause of typical legacy dialers to seamlessly connecting agents with students. Improving the outbound connection rate is key to both the customer and their students as important information was often not reaching the student due to the tell-tale delay of their previous outbound system. Call recipients often assumed it was a sales or marketing message and prematurely disconnected the call. Personal Connection will help to reduce call abandon rates, improve communication to students and lead to an increase in overall student satisfaction.

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