Top 10 Revenue Management Solution Providers – 2022

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Award Logo - 2022The primary goal is to sell the right product to the right customer at the right time for the right price on the right channel. Revenue management software ingests historical and market data, combines this with forward-looking demand signals and recommends a rate for each segment and room type at your hotel, specific for each channel on which you are selling. Recently, modern software has moved from on-premise to cloud-based applications that are delivered as Software-as-a-Service, meaning multiple users can login to the applications from anywhere they have an Internet connection.
An accurate forecast looks at all of the available data — past history and forward-looking data — to help hoteliers determine what their demand is going to be for every single day as far as 365 days into the future. Forecasts help each department in the hotel make smarter operations, marketing and sales decisions.
Automating your revenue management with a revenue management system means businesses no longer have to build spreadsheets and reports, calculating the demand by hand every day, and then entering those numbers into a spreadsheet and reporting system. This frees employees up for more strategic thinking around positioning their business in the market.
More importantly, a modern revenue management system will place an emphasis on net revenue after operating costs like labor and acquisition costs are deducted. It’s critically important for businesses to focus on bottom line profitability as well as top line revenue.
Ultimately a revenue management system is designed to help revenue managers do 3 things: set and optimize prices, automate manual workflows, and leverage large data sets to enable complex decision making with ease.
To help business providers in selecting promising revenue management solutions, a distinguished panel of prominent marketing specialists and analysts, along with Xplorex IT editorial board has assessed and shortlisted the companies offering revenue management technology solutions. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of solutions that can be implemented to optimize your revenue decisions.

We present to you, our Top 10 Revenue Management Solution Providers – 2022.

Company Management Description
Alexander Edstrom,
Maximize your hotel revenue and save time with real-time price automation
Tim Sullivan,
Maximize total hotel revenue for all group & event business. Empower your sales team to accurately quote rates with confidence. Group forecasting tool. Automation. Self service.
Matt Hoenig,
The best pharmaceutical chargebacks & other revenue management solutions for manufacturers to help increase revenue.
Scott Brown,
Automate revenue recognition processes with cloud-based revenue recognition management software on the Salesforce platform.
Flintfox International
John Moss,
Provides best-of-breed Trade Revenue Management solutions for resolving revenue challenges across the supply chain.
Model N
Jason Blessing,
A platform for business reinvention, empowering companies to maximize revenue as they transform Sales, Marketing, Channels, Finance, and Legal.
Dana Jones,
The industry’s only price optimization solution powered by next-generation data that makes it possible to consistently reduce vacancies and maximize rents.
Revenue Edge
Stacy Westbay,
Implementing a Revenue Management program without the appropriate focus on change management and adoption can be detrimental to an asset’s performance.
RIA Advisory
Saket Pabby,
Our solution helps you gain efficient momentum in revenue management activities and control revenue leakage.
Dr. Cindy Gordon,
Founder & CEO
The most comprehensive and easiest-to-use Sales Analytics software and Data Science services for B2B sales, powered by Artificial Intelligence.