Redefining Modern Cloud Manufacturing Quality and Compliance Experience


Nikki Willett

“Today, with the rapid growth in business, many manufacturing firms are looking beyond the adage of employing traditional, on-premise, legacy software that give no visibility in core areas like supply chain, quality and compliance. Besides, with the rising customer demands and business expectations, manufacturing companies cannot risk having infrastructure failure. ComplianceQuest re-energizes the industry with a modern approach to the traditional EQMS solution” apprises Prashanth Rajendran, CEO, ComplianceQuest.  Founded with the unique ‘customer first’ mission, ComplianceQuest offers Enterprise Quality Management System or EQMS that is natively built and run on the modern cloud Salesforce® platform to aid manufacturing companies to redefine quality and compliance facets of an operation.

ComplianceQuest leverages its team’s knowledge and experience of over 25 years in the EQMS domain to build solutions that provide scalability, smart connectivity and predictive analytics-based data availability, integrated in a modern cloud enterprise quality and compliance platform.  Since inception, ComplianceQuest has served a diversified list of manufacturing customers. “Our clientele has tripled in size over the years and we attribute this growth to our ability to sell a value-adding solution that is built on reliable cloud platform like Salesforce,” beams Rajendran.

For instance, a division of a renowned global medical device manufacturer approached ComplianceQuest to help them fix a number of challenges that grew with their business. The client needed a standard process, systems and outputs to measure the improvements in their quality processes and overall organizational health. The customer’s document management system was mostly paper-based and some were using SharePoint or InfoPath Forms. The lack of a central data repository alongside other difficulties in tracking and managing documents as well as employee training further exacerbated the situation for the medical device organization. “What they needed was a centralized, reliable, scalable and familiar platform, such as Salesforce, with a full suite of solutions for document management, change control, training, nonconformance, CAPA, and others,” adds Nikki Willett, ComplianceQuest’s Chief Strategy Officer. ComplianceQuest’s EQMS with its quality management and manufacturing quality best practices, strong data security, configurable workflows, and mobility was the best fit in terms of delivering customers with a single repository for all quality and compliance documents and data.  “The customer was benefited in a number of ways—secure a centralized communication on new processes, gain field access to the latest documents and automated scheduled reports with metrics output and much more,” says Nikki.

The company’s EQMS offering fully taps into the Salesforce business platform and other third-party solutions that can be readily integrated into the powerful Salesforce ecosystem. “Salesforce is more promising than utilizing old legacy technology or using proprietary clouds. These applications help users reduce IT footprint while extending the value of their investments. Also, modern cloud experience means a reduction in the management of modular licenses and versions and less IT issues surrounding software management,” says Rajendran.

Unlike other proprietary platforms, ComplianceQuest full suite of manufacturing quality solutions are compliant with common security laws and FISMA SSAE 16, ISO 27001, and PCI-DSS Level 1 certifications. Besides, the solutions are equipped with automatic back-up and real-updates to secondary disaster recovery instances to enable enterprise grade data protection and up-time availability of mission critical system. Additionally, the solutions help track organizations’ efficiency, safety and overall performance by combining enterprise quality and compliance with modern collaboration, communication and social media across the product value chain. ComplianceQuest supports 12 core best practices driven solutions (Audit, CAPA, Change, Complaints, Document Management, Equipment, Incidents, Inspections, Non-conformance, Supplier Management, Training and Dashboards & Reports) that are out-of-the-box, easy to integrate and ready to go.

ComplianceQuest has carved itself a niche in the booming manufacturing arena by charting out many success stories that testify its relentless focus in guaranteeing customers the leadership to make real-data decisions, speed new product introductions and enable anywhere, anytime access to data. For the future, the company is set to widen its operational reach across Central America, Europe, India, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. “We hope that with our continued passion and dedication on this journey, ComplianceQuest will become a market and competitive disruption,” concludes Rajendran.