Luxury retailer Harvey Nichols has seen onsite conversion improve significantly after implementing a new online merchandising strategy

269417174_7cb8632a10_b-735x400The company reported a 31% uplift in conversions from category to product display pages by desktop shoppers over four weeks while click-throughs from category pages also saw an uplift of 23% among customers shopping via mobile over the same period.

Harvey Nichols introduced its latest merchandising strategy as part of a recent website restructure carried out in partnership with online merchandising specialist ATTRAQT Fredhopper.

The retailer has worked with ATTRAQT Fredhopper since 2013, and the site redesign has enabled it to maximise the potential of ATTRAQT Fredhopper’s technology.

Automated processes

It is using ATTRAQT Fredhopper’s most advanced automated processes to supply all information required to arrange and present category pages, meaning customers can search and navigate more easily.

Responsive merchandising tools also allow Harvey Nichols to manually curate individual category pages.

This ensures products displayed to the customer can be prioritised according to brand and business requirements such as trends or campaigns.

Pamela Reynolds, head of online at Harvey Nichols said: “As we’ve gradually rolled out ATTRAQT Fredhopper’s technology, we’ve felt increasingly comfortable entrusting the running of parts of our business. We are impressed with the performance and results, and that gives us peace of mind, especially at peak trading times. Shoppers are staying longer on our site – engaging more with category filters and clicking onto product pages, which ultimately helps increase sales.”

Harvey Nichols has also been able to use ATTRAQT Fredhopper technology to help enhance overall performance of its website. As a result of the restructure, server response time has improved fivefold.