Vendor Details
    Company: Avantune
    Website: www.avantune.com
    Management: Ermanno Bonifazi, Founder & CEO
    Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
    Tel: 647-925-3163
    Email: sales@avantune.com

    About the Company:

    As an established startup we have a global presence and offer a range of unique self-service cloud applications as well as an industry leading cloud enablement platform. We support organizations as they journey through the ever changing technology landscape, while assuring optimization of their business productivity. Headquartered in Toronto, with offices in USA, Canada, Italy and Mexico, the company employs 150+ awesome professional people.

    Product / Service Highlights:

    We design and build Cloud solutions that “deconstruct” traditional services providing modules that you can activate when you want in self service mode and that perfectly integrate with each other. Genialcloud and Powua represent a complete and integrated offer of innovative solutions that support Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud models, are simple to use, platform neutral and work seamlessly across various business systems and mobile devices.

    Genialcloud is a Cloud Business Productivity Suite that helps enterprises increase productivity and efficiency, streamline processes and improve customers relationship.

    It allows to share documents, analyze data, organize meetings and manage the business in self service mode from a single portal. Being based on credits, it allows to easily configure solutions to meet your needs and use and pay only for what you use.

    Powua is an innovative Cloud Management Platform that empowers Large Enterprises, Service Providers and Developers with the ability to enable new Cloud services and manage their provisioning, metering/monitoring/management and billing/chargeback.

    It supports defined service models including SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service).

    For more information please visit www.avantune.com