End-to-End PPM, ITBM, and Work Management Expertise

Dan Greer, President, Rego Consulting Corporation
Dan Greer, President, Rego Consulting Corporation
Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) is evolving like never before, as demonstrated by the new technologies and innovative strategies designed to generate value and improve business efficiency. These rapid developments have also created the need for seasoned experts who can help companies implement these tools and maximize an organization’s ROI. That’s the sweet spot for Rego Consulting—a leading PPM, ITBM (IT Business Management), and Work Management services and implementation provider. “Our expert guides are practitioners with a wealth of PPM experience who leverage their knowledge to advise clients instead of just gathering information,” says Dan Greer, President and Founder of Rego Consulting.
Rego’s goal is to ensure that customers obtain a higher rate of return on their PPM investment by offering low-cost, full-solution capabilities, expert practitioners, free training, and pre-built solutions. How do they accomplish this? “Our solutions and services are designed to simplify implementation, increase user adoption, and drive efficiency. Rego’s methods – whether that is a full implementation, upgrade, change management, or managed support – are customized to each client’s needs to ensure a quick ROI at the lowest cost,” explains Josh Leone, Chief Technology Officer at Rego Consulting.
Refined Business Practices
Rego has over 200 expert guides who have defined and refined best practices across every industry. With a minimum of 15 years of real-world experience, each guide has a clear plan of how to help clients achieve their business objectives. Instead of merely gathering requirements, Rego industry practitioners guide clients using Rego’s proven processes. The result? Organizations receive expanded features and functions, improved user adoption and data quality, and re-energized implementations.
Every year, Rego practitioners work collectively on hundreds of engagements that include implementations, upgrades, training, and organizational change management efforts. “At the end of each year, we poll our consultants to discover the key issues they hear from customers. The Rego team listens to what our clients need and responds appropriately,” says Greer.
As a PPM expert with over two decades of experience, Greer has led hundreds of PPM tool deployments. In the span of thirteen years, his leadership and vision helped grow Rego from seven employees to more than 200 PPM consultant-practitioners who have guided more than 650 companies in their PPM, ITBM, and Work Management software investments. Because he remains focused on customers, Greer spends most of his time working directly with clients implementing processes and tools. And as a thought leader in IT governance and innovation, you’ll often find him speaking at PPM industry events across North America.
Customer Value and Affordability
Josh Leone, CTO, Rego Consulting Corporation
Josh Leone, CTO, Rego Consulting Corporation
Rego’s core mission focuses on customer value – saving companies both time and money with full-solution capabilities, pre-built innovations, and senior onshore consultants. For instance, Rego is the number one a global reseller of Clarity PPM and provides services to 70 percent of Clarity’s North American customer base. The company is also the only partner globally to hold all three of Broadcom’s approved prestigious partner designations: Clarity Technology Partner, Global System Integrator Partner, and Global Expert Services Partner.
This puts Rego’s clients in a perfect position to achieve a high rate of return on their PPM tool. Because Rego operates under a best-in-class Clarity support model, their teams can prevent and resolve issues rapidly to optimize Clarity performance. Rego’s team builds, tests, and deploys Clarity upgrades across the industry at a cost that’s usually 20 percent to 40 percent less than their competitors. “Our standard code base also lets us quickly build new connectors and integrations for clients so that they can expand features at a reasonable rate,” notes Leone.
Rego’s ITBM Functionality
In addition to Clarity, Rego guides are ServiceNow deployment experts with deep experience as both practitioners and consultants. As a case in point, Rego guided one of their major clients in a ServiceNow implementation. The client’s goal was to unify and optimize ten regions worldwide that were using disparate systems and processes to manage their demand intake, prioritization, and project execution. They selected ServiceNow for demand and project management because of its integrated platform benefits.
When they approached Rego for the implementation, the team took a methodical approach. First, they scheduled discovery workshop sessions to understand how each region was managing demands and the nuances specific to each location. Next, they developed a phased implementation rollout plan. The client later completed the rollout to additional regions using Rego’s best practice approach from the first several implementations.
Today, the client has a consistent demand management process across the globe and a single platform to manage demand. Their organization can identify and focus on projects that align with organizational strategy and realize cost savings and efficiencies due to the removal of different processes and tools.

Modern Work Management

Workfront, an Adobe company, is an enterprise work management solution for combining modern work, collaboration, and digital artifacts into one easy-to-use system of record. Rego enables companies to accelerate the lifecycle of their digital work and business agility by improving efficiency, quality, and control in all areas of the organization. As a certified product partner, Rego is continually innovating with Workfront to compete with traditional PPM tools and fill IT and NPD functional gaps.
For any organization ready to move to the new Workfront Experience but unsure how to migrate existing settings and user configurations, Rego provides a low-cost Workfront transition package that helps them start strong in the new user interface. “Our Lift, Shift, and Validate package ensures a successful transition by reviewing how your teams will be affected, migrating Layout Templates, and providing adoption best practices. Rego’s proven process helps organizations realize the full benefits of the new Workfront Experience,” says Greer.
Rego Consulting also offers various off-the-shelf or customizable implementation packages for some of Workfront’s most popular strategic alignment and scenario planning tools that are tailored to deliver maximum value to each organization’s unique business needs.
A Culture of Helping Clients
As a passionate leader, Dan Greer strives to shape Rego’s culture of helping clients above anything else. All Rego staff have only one metric – customer satisfaction and success – which is why Rego enjoys over 99 percent customer retention.
In the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rego stepped up to reevaluate processes and workflows to help organizations address the rapid shift to remote, online working environments. Today, their innovation team continues to develop new solutions designed to drive workplace agility while saving organizations time and money.