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    92,000+ Qualified Subscribers

    Our print magazine has over 92,000+ qualified subscribers which consist of CIOs, CTOs, Directors, and other IT/industry decision-makers from various industry verticals. Click Here for the media kit.
    Apart from this, our website reaches roughly over 35000+ unique visitors each month.
    Note: 3rd party websites/tools/apps do not show you accurate website traffic reports until we pay them for the certificates/codes that must be installed in the backend of our website. We are always happy to share real-time website traffic reports with you, if necessary.
    What’s in it for you?
    • Reprint & Digital rights for 1 full-page profile.
    • One Full Page color ad that can be utilized anytime in one year span.
    • Sample press release with a quote from our Managing Editor for media circulation.
    • Certificate of Honor.
    • 02 complimentary magazine copies.
    • A dedicated page on Xplorex IT website – Permanent and linked back to
    your company website.
    • Company details on the final listing page – Permanent and linked back to
    your company website.
    Premium opportunities
    • Cover Story. (4 full-page profile + CEO on the Cover)
    • Company of the Month. (2 full-page profiles)
    • CEO of the Month. (2 full-page profiles)
    • Dedicated company magazine.
    • Back and Front cover Ads.
    Other Services
    • Prospecting and building industry-specific decision-makers list for your sales team.
    • High tech talent search/talent acquisition.
    • Customer and Tech support services.