Acumen Solutions

Vendor Details
Company: Acumen Solutions
Management: David Joubran, CEO
Headquarters: McLean, VA
Tel: 703-600-4000

About the Company:

Around the globe, our clients expect the extraordinary because we add capabilities, capacities, and economies of scale that our clients didn’t realize were possible. As an industry leader, we partner with some of the brightest innovators in cloud technology to create exceptional solutions for our clientele. It is our robust experience, innovative strategies, and a commitment to see our customers succeed that make us the trusted and proven leader in cloud consulting.

Product / Service Highlights:

 Customers expect service to be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via their preferred channel. Is your experience convenient, compelling, consistent and complete across channels?

Customer Service organizations have been striving to deliver exceptional, high-touch service for years. Shorter wait times, high first call resolution, extended hours support, and access to experts are the hallmarks of an effective customer service program. Customers just need to know where to look!

Recent studies show that organizations that are able to anticipate customer needs, and make information easy to find, rank highest in customer satisfaction. Customers want self-service, and they want it to be effortless.

Clients choose Acumen Solutions to simplify the customer experience to provide the right information, when it’s needed, with as little difficulty as possible, all while using those interactions to drive timely and targeted up/cross sell offers. Our experience in customer service delivers success for our clients.

Effortless Customer Service Offerings

  • Customer Initiated Service
  • Predictive Service
  • Service to Sales
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