VAIRKKO Technologies

    Vendor Details
    Company: VAIRKKO Technologies
    Management: Brian Polackoff, VP Sales
    Headquarters: Raleigh, NC
    Tel: 919-800-3546

    About the Company:

    From our first Public Safety client in Highland Indiana, to the thousands of clients in numerous industries we serve around the world today, VAIRKKO (pronounced V-AIR-CK-O) helps organizations of all types and sizes unlock their business potential. Since 2009, we’ve led the way in workforce and operations management through our beautifully designed software.

    Product / Service Highlights:

    Our suite of fully integrated and mobile friendly solutions can be purchased all together or a la carte to meet your immediate needs. Take a look around and see for yourself why organizations around the globe have deployed our cloud products.


    • Certification Cloud
    • Training Cloud
    • Scheduling Cloud
    • Time+Payroll Cloud
    • HR Cloud
    • Inventory+Asset Cloud
    • Fleet Cloud
    • Forms Cloud
    • Survey Cloud
    • Collaboration Cloud
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