Vendor Details
Company: RealNex
Management: Jeff Finn, CEO
Headquarters: Stafford, TX
Tel: 281-299-3161

About the Company:

Within the CRE industry, the explosion of technology and data availability has resulted in a fragmented collection of various tools. RealNex is reshaping real estate by combining the most efficient and productive of those tools into one comprehensive suite.

RealNex is an aggregation of market-leading solutions that provides a better, more complete toolset for the real estate industry. Our holistic approach allows information to flow seamlessly among market participants, providing more timely and efficient access to better information.

RealNex offers the simplicity, economy of scale, and centralized expertise the market has been demanding. An integrated solution, RealNex allows the real estate industry to contact, transact and leverage data, through a single platform and interface. This holistic solution enables companies to enhance their individual operational efficiencies, while harmonizing data and allowing systems to talk to other systems across the industry.

Product / Service Highlights:

Now fully cloud-based, the RealNex CRM is the only client relationship management system that offers both an online and offline capability. Continue to work when you don’t have Internet access. Your data will sync automatically when your connection is restored.

Your time is valuable. 

Don’t waste it on data entry.

Our powerful import engine delivers your legacy information to your RealNex CORE database. Then, leverage your data in CORE to create financial analyses and marketing materials in MarketEdge.

We can’t put you in two places at once, but we can boost your interaction with clients.

The leasing management and tourbook app gives brokers the ability to share listings, maps, photos and leasing documents with clients through their mobile devices. Tenants can view the tourbook, rate spaces, add their own photos and notes, and make inquiries. Owners can easily monitor activity and status of deals.

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