Vendor Details
    Company: Expedient
    Website: www.expedient.com
    Management: Shawn McGorry, President
    Headquarters: Pittsburgh, PA
    Tel: 877-570-7827

    About the Company:

    Expedient combines data centers, network access and managed services to deliver information technology infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions. With a physical presence in seven (7) cities, local experts ensure continuous service availability at eleven (11) locations where client data is secured in both physical and virtual platforms, including colocation cabinets, cages and public and private clouds.

    Product / Service Highlights:

    As a cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider, Expedient is focused on delivering configurable computing resources in the forms of server central processing units (CPUs), random access memory (RAM), storage and networking to achieve several important business outcomes:

    • Agility – respond to change faster with infrastructure configured to meet current and future needs
    • Availability – prevent unplanned downtime through architectures designed to deliver resilience
    • Cost Control – predict monthly operational expense while avoiding capital purchases
    • Risk Mitigation – comply with industry and government mandates by taking advantage of operational best practices

    Expedient offers flexibility through choice by offering multiple modes of cloud IaaS platforms composed of the same converged technology:

    • Public Cloud – share common infrastructure in the Expedient data center(s) of your choice delivered as a service for a predictable monthly fee
    • Private Cloud – dedicate infrastructure in the Expedient data center(s) of your choice (or at your location) delivered as a service for a predictable monthly fee
    • Hybrid IT – combine public and private cloud models with physical colocation in the Expedient data centers(s) of your choice for a predictable monthly fee

    If resource needs fluctuate from time to time, consider our virtual on-demand service to conserve operating expense during average utilization but have the flexibility to burst resource utilization in times of peak demand.

    Create a cloud platform to enable disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).

    For more information please visit www.expedient.com