ZenGRC 2 minute overview - Reciprocity

Vendor Details

Company: Reciprocity
Management: Ken Lynch, Founder & CEO
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415-851-8667
Email ID:

About the Company

ZenGRC helps healthcare companies move beyond using spreadsheets to manage compliance at a fraction of the cost of other GRC tools.

Product / Service Highlights

ZenGRC is trusted by companies of all sizes including Salesforce, Google, Omada Health, and Envision Healthcare to reduce time and cost, while eliminating spreadsheets. ZenGRC is light years beyond using spreadsheets, docs, or emails to manage healthcare compliance at a fraction of the cost of other enterprise GRC tools. In addition to increasing visibility into controls, processes and risks, customers also provide better insights to senior management. Get a free demo today!

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