MIE Solutions Releases SolidWorks Converter

The MIE CAD Converter for SolidWorks is Now Available!

Garden Grove, CA – July 17, 2017 – MIE Solutions (www.mie-solutions.com) a leading manufacturing ERP software authority, today announced the release of a SolidWorks CAD Converter for MIE Trak Pro.

MIE CAD Converter for SolidWorks converts 3D model files and imports all purchased and manufactured components into MIE Trak Pro.

The beauty of MIE CAD Converter is that it runs natively inside of MIE Trak Pro. With MIE CAD Converter, you can import SolidWorks CAD data directly into MIE Trak Pro without a SolidWorks license.

MIE CAD Converter speeds up ERP clerical work 100-fold and reduces multiple data entry errors as engineering data is automatically imported into MIE Trak Pro.

Many CAD integration products focus mainly on companies doing in-house designs; MIE CAD Converter is designed for both contract manufacturers and those doing in-house designs.

About MIE Solutions

MIE Solutions is a worldwide leading supplier of advanced technology for the manufacturing community. We offer a variety of innovative software products for integrating business data, allowing organizations to make informed decisions for streamlining their business processes, resulting in maximum efficiency and immediate ROI. Companies of all sizes have used our products to bring their business to the next level, improving their manufacturing productivity and quality.

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