kintone Corporation

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Company: kintone Corporation
Management: Dave Landa, CEO
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415-692-6546

About the Company:

From Best Productivity Software to Business Transformation Platform

It started in 1997 when three young Panasonic engineers fed up with expensive and clunky office management software left their jobs to create more efficient solutions. They called their company Cybozu (“cyber kid” in Japanese). After three years, it became one of the fastest companies to IPO in Japanese history and since then has won consecutive awards for creative and powerful office software.

Winning Japan’s #1 office productivity software year after year didn’t mean the Cybozu team was done innovating. In 2011, Cybozu released kintone, its first cloud solution, and has been transforming the way teams manage data, projects, and operations ever since.

Product / Service Highlights:


kintone’s powerful, configurable, and fully customizable CRM is the tool for sales teams that put the customer first. By configuring your kintone CRM to fit your customer’s journey, you can create a personalized sales experience that your customers will love.


Save time and money by automating routine sales tasks. Focus instead on connecting with customers and closing deals. Automate notifications, assignments, and process workflows all without a single line of code.


Instead of cobbling together overcrowded and outdated spreadsheets, build a dashboard with custom live data sets and analytics. Drive performance quickly and easily by measuring the KPIs that are crucial to your business.

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