Harbour Mastery

Vendor Details

Company: Harbour Mastery
Website: www.harbourmastery.com
Management: George Walters, President
Headquarters: Tampa, FL
Tel: 813-288-4603
Email ID: info@harbourmastery.com

About the Company

We are a maritime software and consulting company delivering business management solutions including a new generation of internet based solutions since 2003 that address the need for new approaches to both traffic and finance management and security among seaports and maritime industries.

Product / Service Highlights

i-Seaports™ Management ERP provides seaports, port authorities and marinas with a fully customizable seaport management system. It provides users with personalized dashboards for all of the critical operations tasks – pilotage, towage, berthage, stevedoring, repair, line on/off and others. This flows through seamlessly to the financial processes for all billing, collections, accounting, fiscal analysis, statistical analysis and reporting, streamlining revenue generation and collection for seaport profitability.

i-Marinas™ ERP solution is an integrated or stand-alone product with the i-Seaports™ certified “Built-for-NetSuite”.  As with i-Seaports, all processes from time of request for a service to billings and collections are fully integrated.

Its system design can serve a single marina, multiple marina complexes owned by a single enterprise (government or private), or complexes owned by a single seaport.

For more information please visit www.harbourmastery.com

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