DLT Solutions

    Vendor Details
    Company: DLT Solutions
    Website: www.dlt.com
    Management: Alan Marc Smith, President & CEO
    Headquarters: Herndon, VA
    Tel: 703-709-7172
    Email: sales@dlt.com

    About the Company:

    Guided by our relentless focus, we have grown to be one of the nation’s top providers of world-class IT solutions. Leveraging our strategic partnerships with top IT companies, we develop best-fit solutions for our customers. Our sales, integration, and support experts have the certifications and experience in helping customers at any level of any agency. We have both deep subject matter expertise and in-depth knowledge of government mandated requirements and initiatives in areas such as a cloud computing, cybersecurity, and consolidation.

    Product / Service Highlights:

    DLT’s Cloud Solutions team understands the challenges involved with implementing cloud solutions, and we have strategic partnerships with leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Cloud Management vendors to provide our customers with a simplified path to the cloud. Our experienced team has the deep knowledge and expertise required to help organizations identify applicable use cases for cloud computing and design, and to implement and manage solutions tailored specifically to each organization’s unique needs.

    Deploy your existing applications – in some cases even leveraging your existing licenses – or new applications, securely and cost-effectively with our cloud solutions.


    • Reduced Costs – Save money and avoid up-front capital expenses by paying only for the resources used
    • Unlimited Scalability – Automatically add thousands of virtual machines and seamlessly scale to handle virtually any number of users
    • Flexibility – Take advantage of an open and flexible platform that allows users to move data in and out any time; run, deploy and maintain apps
    • Enhanced Security – Leverage a secure, durable platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits such as FISMA Moderate, HIPAA and ITAR–compliant controls
    For more information please visit www.dlt.com