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Company: Big Bang ERP
Management: Mark Rhyman, Co-CEO & Chief Business Development Officer
Headquarters: Montreal, QC, Canada
Tel: +1-844-361-4408
Sales Email ID:

About the Company

Big Bang ERP is a boutique consulting firm that helps businesses optimize and streamline their processes by implementing cloud ERPs, CRMs, MRPs, and ITSM systems. Their highly skilled team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals with smart, effective, scalable and high-quality cutting-edge cloud solutions that are delivered on time and within scope. Acting as trusted advisors, they contribute their diverse experiences and in-depth expertise to the success of organizations around the world.

Product / Service Highlights

Big Bang ERP is a trusted advisor for companies of all sizes and industries – offering multiple solutions so that each customer gets what’s right for their business.

Big Bang ERP currently provides, implements and supports the following best in class cloud application development, ERP, CRM, MRP & ITSM software products:

Primary ERP, CRM, MRP & ITSM solutions: NetSuite, Salesforce, FinancialForce, Rootstock and ServiceNow

Cloud ERP, CRM, MRP & ITSM Extenders: Avalara, B2BGateway, Nexonia, OzLink, Pardot, RFSmart, SPS Commerce and The Big Bang ERP SlackBot for NetSuite.

Services offered: Implementation, Development, Migration, Integration, Support and Training for cloud-based business solutions.

Big Bang ERP’s approach to consulting follows a 7-step process that has your business needs rooted in its foundation. The Big Bang ExperienceTM has responsive and engaged consultants working directly with you to identify process gaps, propose solutions using best practices, and implement or deploy customizations to ERP, CRM, MRP & ITSM systems. The Big Bang ExperienceTM is the methodology used by Big Bang ERP to maximize the success of your cloud business transformation. It follows a 7 step process that ensures the project team ramps up effectively, needs are documented, solutions are proposed and reviewed, development work is validated and your system is deployed smoothly.

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