Vendor Details

Company: Avanade
Website: www.avanade.com
Management: Adam Warby, CEO
Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Tel: 206-239-5600

About the Company

At Avanade, our vision is to be the leading digital innovator, realizing results for our clients and their customers through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem.

Product / Service Highlights

In a changing business environment, competitiveness depends on insight and agility. Businesses that can identify shifting dynamics, and respond to them quickly and effectively, will succeed.

That’s what enterprise resource planning (ERP) allows organizations to do. Avanade’s cloud-based and hybrid cloud ERP solutions and services give your business a flexible, integrated management infrastructure, enabling you to align your technology with your business requirements. This means you can run your business more efficiently, meet challenges as they arise and seize new market opportunities.

Avanade’s ERP solutions and services are built with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations – Microsoft’s next-generation cloud-based ERP software and services on the Azure cloud platform. Reimagined for a cloud-first, mobile-first world, Dynamics 365 for Operations is a familiar solution with an intelligent user interface. Dynamics 365 for Operations empowers you to make smarter decisions with access to real-time insights on nearly any device, anywhere. Built on the intelligent cloud, Dynamics 365 for Operations help your business grow now and in the future.

For more information please visit www.avanade.com

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