Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts

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Company: Amazing Charts
Management: John Squire, President & COO
Headquarters: West Warwick, RI
Tel: 866-382-5932

About the Company

Amazing Charts was founded in 2001 by Jonathan Bertman, MD, FAAFP, a practicing family physician in Rhode Island. In 2012, Amazing Charts was acquired by Pri-Med, a trusted source for professional medical education to over 260,000 clinicians since 1995.

Product / Service Highlights

The User-Friendly EHR

Amazing Charts is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system that allows complete documentation of the medical encounter in a fast, efficient, and straight-forward manner.

Designed by Our Users, for Our Users

Medical Billing Service is a fully integrated Revenue Management solution that takes the work of billing off your hands. Our competitive, inclusive rate includes:

  • Daily electronic and paper claims submission and tracking –ensuring timely payment
  • Direct Messaging – with your billing manager; backed by a U.S.-based team of billing experts
  • Payer remittance and patient payment posting –including EOB scanning and payment verification
  • Advanced claim scrubbing –get clean claims out the first time
  • Extensive follow-up and appeals process –nothing gets left behind
  • Patient statements and telephone follow-up –customized for your needs
  • No-hassle, cloud-based reporting software –easy to learn and use
  • Fully customizable real-time reports –available 24/7, providing total visibility into financial performance and trends
  • Periodic account reviews – we examine payer successes and opportunities for improvement

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