Advanced Data Systems Corporation 

Vendor Details

Company: Advanced Data Systems Corporation
Management: George Grodentzik, VP & Owner
Headquarters: Paramus, NJ
Tel: 800-899-4237

About the Company

Our Mission since 1977 has been to create and deliver superior healthcare software solutions supporting optimum productivity while providing our customers with the finest in training, support, and services. Our Vision since 1977 is to ensure that our software continues to be a leader in meeting the challenges and changes within the healthcare industry, and that upcoming and newly developed initiatives and requirements are both complied with – and can be taken full advantage of – by our customers.

Product / Service Highlights

Medics Suite

·         All-in-One EHR & PM

·         Electronic Health Records

·         Practice Management

·         Radiology Information System

·         Medical Billing Services

·         For Billing Companies

Power Features

·         Advanced Scheduler

·         Claim Denial Manager

·         Clinical Trials

·         Dynamic Reporting

·         Electronic Prescribing

·         Healthcare Analytics

·         Mobile App

·         Patient Portal

·         Voice Recognition


·         Addiction Treatment

·         Behavioral Health

·         Internal Medicine

·         Family Practice

·         Laboratory

·         Ophthalmology

·         Orthopedics

·         Pain Management

·         Radiology

Industry Solutions

·         Small Practices

·         Group Practices

·         Enterprise / IGPs

·         Value-Based Care

·         Medical Billing Companies

·         Medical Billing Services


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